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Igloo Ice Cube 48 Coolbox

Igloo Ice Cube 48 Coolbox 1

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Igloo Ice Cube 48 Coolbox

Brand: Igloo MaxCold
Ref: 244347

The Igloo Ice Cube 48 is the first cube shaped cooler in the market. It is ergonomically easier to lift and carry, because your arms are held closer to your body.
Ideal size for food and drinks for a few friends or a small family outing.
Dry storage compartment in lid for non-perishable items, keys, phone, etc.
Two drink/cup holders moulded in lid.
Handles on all Four sides make it easy to lift the cooler from any position.
Two moulded-in handles on opposite sides, and two swing up handles.
Vertical space for 2 litre bottles.
Holds 75 x 330 ml drinks cans.
Item Weight (lb) 8.5.
Item Weight (kg) 3.86.

Exterior (in - L x W x H) 17.25 x 17.25 x 17.31
Exterior (cm - L x W x H) 43.82 x 43.82 x 43.97
Interior Top (in - L x W x H) 13.75 x 13.63 x 15
Internal Base (in - L x W x H) 12.6 x 13.1 x 15

Condition: New

Price: £54.99 inc. VAT

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