Room Sealed Water Heater F-11E

Room Sealed Water Heater F-11E 1

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Room Sealed Water Heater F-11E

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Room Sealed Water Heater F-11E.
Morco F11-E room sealed water heater.
Gives the installer the option of fitting the appliance anywhere in the unit, needing no ventilation.
Can be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and toilets with total safety.
Uses only 35 watts of mains electricity and can be operated on water pressure as low as 0.12 bar.
Does away with unsightly roof flues as it uses a side flue, making it easier for transportation and sighting.
Dimensions: 300 mm (w) x 595 mm (h) x 230 mm (d)
Power output range: 6.7 - 19.2 kW
Water flow range at 25 degrees C rise (L/min) = 3.7-11
Lowest operating pressure 0.12 bar.

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