Calor Gas Heaters

Butane and Propane calor gas heaters, large selection of domestic and commercial LPG heating equipment and accessories including butane gas portable heaters, propane calor gas greenhouse heaters and butane or propane LPG Calor, Flogas, Budget Gas etc. site gas space heaters.

Portable Gas Heaters  

Choice of portable gas heaters and stoves. The portable butane calor gas heaters offer safe economical portable gas heating.

Space Heaters  

Space heater units blown air and Europa Calor LPG propane gas portable site space heaters including the Master range.

Greenhouse Heaters  

Greenhouse heaters Calor gas LPG propane gas greenhouse heater units.

Accessory Parts  

Butane and propane LPG gas accessory parts gas regulators, storage containers, covers etc.


The heaters that are shown within this section are for use indoors in your home or workplace or in the case of the greenhouse heaters only within a greenhouse. For domestic and commercial weatherproof outdoor gas heaters and flames please see our Patio Heaters section.

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