Cool Box Coolers

Cool box coolers, insulated standard and large size ice pack or dry ice chests for domestic leisure, commercial take away food delivery and street food market use from established cold box names such as the Igloo MaxCold and Coleman Xtreme Cooler ranges are ideal for catering use or when out camping, fishing or hunting. These premium quality ultra insulated ice chest cool boxes are the perfect solution when you need a large top performing coolbox to transport chilled and frozen goods or need to store cool or frozen food, drink, fish or chilled samples for long periods without power.

Igloo Coolers Cool Boxes  

Igloo Coolers cool box ice chests including the popular Maxcold cool boxes range.

Commercial Cool Boxes  

Commercial catering cool box ice pack premium Ultrathem insulated Igloo Coolers large capacity cool boxes.

Large Cool Boxes  

Large size cool box ice chest coolers for the bulk storage and transportation of frozen and cold food and drink

Cool Boxes on Wheels  

High quality ultra insulated cool boxes on wheels including the Igloo MaxCold Roller 40 QT and the All Terrain Cooler.

Camping Cool Box on Wheels Igloo Island..  

Camping Cool Box on Wheels Igloo Island Breeze 28 for picnics and camping...

Price: £49.99
Wheelie Cool 38 QT Cool Box with Wheels  

Capacity 36 litres. Cool box with wheels. Durable wheels roll on all types...

was £59.99 inc. VAT now £54.99 inc. VAT
MaxCold 40 QT Cool Box with Wheels  

Capacity 38 litres. Can hold a 2 litre bottle upright. Ultratherm™...

was £89.99 inc. VAT now £72.99 inc. VAT
Igloo MaxCold 50 QT Cool Box  

Capacity 47 litres. Smallest MaxCold cooler. Keeps ice frozen up to 5...

Price: £84.99
Igloo Latitude 60 QT Roller Cool Box with..  

Igloo Latitude 60 QT Roller cool box with wheels and pull handle. Keeps...

Price: £89.99
Igloo MaxCold 70 QT Cool Box  

Large size leisure or catering cool box. Keeps ice frozen up to 5...

Price: £89.99
Igloo MaxCold Ice Cube Roller 70 QT  

The Igloo 70 Quart Ice Cube MaxCold Roller as all the features of the...

Price: £97.99
Igloo Quick Cool 120 QT Cool Box  

Igloo 120 QT large size cool box ice chest. Extra large cool box. Keeps...

was £119.99 inc. VAT now £99.99 inc. VAT
Igloo Quick Cool 100 QT Cool Box  

95 litre large size cool box. Keeps ice frozen up to 5 days. Patented...

Price: £109.99
Igloo MaxCold 100 QT Cool Box  

New design large size 95 litre cool box ice chest. Keeps ice frozen up to...

Price: £114.99
MaxCold Latitude 90 QT Roller  

Large cool box on wheels with pull handle Capacity: 85 litres (90...

Price: £129.99
Igloo Glide 110 QT Large Cool Box with..  

Storage capacity 104 litres (110 quarts). Ultratherm® insulation in body...

Price: £129.99
Igloo Quick Cool 150 QT Large Size Cool Box  

White extra large cool box ice chest stores over 240 330ml drinks cans....

Price: £149.99
Igloo Glide Pro 110 QT Cool Box with Wheels  

Storage capacity 104 litres (110 quarts). Ultratherm® insulation in body...

was £169.99 inc. VAT now £159.99 inc. VAT
Igloo MaxCold 165 QT Extra Large Cool Box  

The Igloo Maxcold 165 QT extra large size cool box is the largest of the...

Price: £179.99

All of the cool boxes shown here are non powered and rely on the specially designed trademarked insulation to keep items cold or frozen and can be used with or without ice packs depending on the length of time items need to be kept chilled or frozen for, using ice or ice packs will of course greatly extend the cold retention times. We have been supplying standard and large size cool box ice chests with wheels and without wheels from many of the top brands for many years and when taking everything into account including the overall cold retention performance, build quality and value for money whether for domestic leisure, commercial catering or street food market use the boxes supplied by Igloo Coolers have proven to be the very best. To find out more about Igloo cool boxes please visit Igloo Coolers Website or if you have any specific cool box related questions please contact us. To see some useful and interesting cool box hacks take a look at cool box hacks.

If you are looking for different shaped or smaller sized cool boxes in quantities of five or more then we have a wide range available for larger orders. Please contact us with your requirement specifications and we will search our stock and our suppliers stock for the right box for you. Even when cold box coolers are not from standard stock they can normally still be delivered quickly.

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