Outdoor Catering

Selection of butane and propane gas portable outdoor catering equipment for commercial catering events, street food markets, fates, festivals and camping also our Flo or Calor gas fridge for outdoor food storage and preparation. Included are the butane and propane LPG Flo / Calor gas boiling ring burner stoves and water boiler tea urns and the portable gas pizza oven most have FFD thermocouple safety valve option and all have CE certificate marking. Also included is the portable outdoor gas cooker with hobs and oven which is mostly suited for outdoor leisure use.

Large Gas Boiling Ring  

Powerful butane or propane gas portable boiling ring stove burner. For...

Price: £47.99
Large Gas Boiling Ring with FFD..  

Large gas boiling ring with flame failure device (FFD) and piezo...

Price: £62.99
Double Gas Boiling Ring with FFD  

Double portable gas boiling ring. Thermocouple FFD flame failure...

Price: £119.99
Geyser LPG Hot Water System  

Kampa Geyser Hot Water System GA4000. Hot water from the tap or...

was £169.99 inc. VAT now £159.99 inc. VAT
Foker Double Boiling Ring with FFD  

Strong cast iron gas boiling ring FFD flame failure device...

Price: £179.99
Dometic Combicool RC1700 Camping Fridge  

RC1700EGP version of the Combicool camping fridge, 40 litre storage...

was £249.99 inc. VAT now £239.99 inc. VAT
Cinders Slimfold SG80 Catering Barbecue  

Lightweight and super-durable, with all the benefits of a Cinders barbecue...

Price: £1,299.99
Cinders Slimfold TG160 Catering Barbecue  

Practical features include high pressure burners which are unaffected by...

Price: £2,099.99
Kemper Portable Gas Pizza Oven  

Outdoor commercial catering grade portable gas pizza oven. Reaches 400°C...

was £399.99 inc. VAT now £299.99 inc. VAT

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