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Infrared Heater Bulbs

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Long lasting Ruby and Phillips gold equivalent replacement heater bulb element lamps including the 500, 1200 / 1.2, 1300 / 1.3 R7 / R7S and 1.5 / 2 kW 1500 / 2000 watt SK15 wired heater bulbs for use with many of the popular domestic and commercial floor and wall mounted pub restaurant, warehouse and Shisha bar quartz infrared halogen garden patio marquee, gazebo, garage and parasol 220 - 240 Volt heaters. We also have 110 Volt heater bulbs that fit some of the more commonly used 110 V infrared heaters including push fit 1.4 and 1.5 kW lamp bulbs for the 3 kW 110 Volt Clarke Devil infrared heaters and the Rhino portable commercial infra-red heater.

Heater Bulbs

Heater Bulbs - Infrared heater bulbs Phillips gold equivalent gold or ruby SK15 R7 R7s for commercial and domestic use.

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Heater Bulb - Ten Packs

Infrared heater bulb packs, commercial and domestic heater bulb tubes, big saving on cost per bulb.

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450 - 500 Watt Ruby Bulb fits Heatmaster..

Price: £12.99

Halogen infrared heat output 0.5 kW 500 watt. Spare or replacement element...

1.2 kW 1200 Watt Ruby Halogen Infrared..

Price: £13.99

Quartz halogen infrared 1.2 kw 1200 watt replacement lamp. Halogen...

750 Watt R7 200 mm Ruby Heater Lamp Bulb

Price: £13.99

750 Watt Ruby Heater Lamp Bulb. Quartz halogen infrared 0.75 kW watt...

1.3 kW 1300 Watt Ruby Heater Lamp Bulb..

Price: £13.99

Replacement halogen infrared lamp bulb for 1.2 - 1.3 kW 1200 - 1300 watt...

1 kW 1000 Watt Ruby Halogen Infrared..

Price: £14.99

The 1 kW 1000 Watt ruby halogen infrared heater bulb element with R7 ends...

800 Watt Ruby Slimline Heater Bulb

Price: £17.99

800 Watt patio heater bulb. Spare or replacement element for 800 watt...

1.5 kW 348mm Ruby Heater Bulb R7

Price: £19.99

Ruby quartz halogen infrared 1.5 kW 1500 watt replacement lamp...

110 Volt 1.5 kW 348mm Ruby Heater Bulb R7

Price: £19.99

Ruby halogen infrared 110 Volt 1.5 kW 1500 watt replacement lamp...

1500 Watt 1.5 kW Ruby SK15 Heater Lamp Bulb

Price: £19.99

Ruby 1.5 kW (1500 watt) heater bulb. Efficient, reliable and...

450 - 500 Watt Gold Bulb fits Heatmaster..

Price: £19.99

Premium quartz halogen replacement element for 500 watt parasol...

We supply infrared heater bulb lamp tubes to fit many brands and models including the Tansun Algarve, Tansun Sorrento, Quickheat, Clarke, Rhino, Pyramid, Heatmaster U3 / U4 Parasol and the Prem I Air Big Rad 3 kw 240 Volt commercial heater. For spare bulb to fits 3 kW 3000 Watt Clarke Devil 355SP 370SP 370P 370SPB 370PB and Big Red Rad that use push fit lamps please see 1.5 kW Clark Devil Bulb . If unsure which lamp you require for your infrared heater please check the output against the bulb description and if it is the same and the dimensions are the same or very similar it is highly likely that the bulb will fit your heater. Any bulbs that are purchased by mistake and do not fit your heater can be returned for a full refund.

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