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Waeco Tropicool Thermo Electric Coolers

Innovative technology – more cooling comfort

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TC special electronics with soft touch control panel

Cold/warm switch
LED indicator
Memory function
Temperature regulation, 7 stages each for cooling and heating

TROPICOOL boxes provide cooling up to 30°C below the ambient temperature and heating up to 65°C. Using the new soft-touch keypad, you can flexibly set the desired temperature in seven stages each: from 1°C to 15°C in the cooling mode, or from 50°C to 65°C in the heating mode. The memory saves the last set parameters.*
* All models except TC-07. Highly effective insulation

Tropicool coolers owe their outstanding cooling performance not only to the intelligent technology but also to a highly effective insulation.
 Dynamic ventilation with wear-resistant interior and exterior fans

Tropicool boxes owe their extremely long service life to the brushless, wear resistant fans. The dynamic fans also improve cooling performance. They ensure that the cold air is evenly spread in the interior of the boxes and guarantee an efficient heat dissipation to the outside.
 Intlligent save power circuit

TROPICOOL Classic boxes are great energy savers. As soon as the power is on, they cool at full capacity to reach the desired temperature. Once this has been achieved, they switch automatically to the save power mode. In this mode, the Peltier element takes in very little power. This gives rise to an insulation bridge that prevents heat from flowing into the cooling compartment.
12/230-volt connection available as standard (DC/AC)

All TROPICOOL Classic coolers can be operated on either a 12-volt power source or the 230-volt mains. Pleasant extra: if your cooler is simultaneously connected to 12 and 230 volts, the priority circuit* makes sure that power is drawn from the 230-volt mains to save the battery.
TC-07 Uses External Adapter Supplied
  TC14 TC 21 TC 35 12 / 24 Volt as standard

The TC-14, TC-21 and TC-32 coolers are available in a 12 / 24-volt version as standard. With this useful built in feature whether 12 or 24 volts, the coolers will recognise automatically which voltage is applied.
Heat exchager and high-performance Peltier element

A powerful duo: heat exchanger and high-performance Peltier element, both tailor-made for the TROPICOOL Classic series. The outcome: a remarkable cooling capacity up to 30°C below the ambient temperature.*
* TC-07 25°C below the ambient  
Automatic switch-off when the box is opened

To prevent energy loss, the interior fan is switched off when you open the box, and on again when you close it. A micro switch takes care of that in the TC-14, and TC-21 models, while the TC-32FL uses a photo receptor.

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