Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters propane gas patio heater units for outdoor heating.

Stainless Steel Commercial Gas Patio Heater  

Stainless Steel Commercial Gas Patio Heater. Power output 4-14...

was £449.99 inc. VAT now £349.99 inc. VAT
Orchid Patio Heater  

Power output 13 kilowatt. Adjustable heat output. Heated area 25 square...

Price: £179.99
Edelweiss Stainless Steel Patio Heater  

Power output 12.5 kilowatt. Adjustable heat output.Heated area 25 square...

Price: £199.99
Pyramid Gas Flame Patio Heater  

Pyramid Stainless Steel Outdoor Gas Flame Heater. Superior heat output 13...

Price: £239.99
Lifestyle Black Flame Heater  

Provides both heat and ambient light. Perfect for creating a warm ambience...

Price: £389.99
Santorini Inferno Flame Gas Patio Heater  

Santorini Gas Flame Heater including cover. This Unique cylindrical patio...

Price: £429.99

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