Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters and flames, the free standing propane calor gas patio heater and real flame units for outdoor heating are available with various power outputs. All run from propane / patio gas with all of the outdoor heaters and flames shown here including the Orchid Patio Heater and Santorini Inferno Flame are supplied with easy fit clip on regulators for connection to the green Calor Gas patio gas bottles. For connection to red propane bottles the regulator will need to be swapped.

Stainless Steel Commercial Gas Patio Heater  

Stainless Steel Commercial Gas Patio Heater. Power output 4-14...

was £449.99 inc. VAT now £349.99 inc. VAT
Edelweiss Stainless Steel Patio Heater  

Power output 12.5 kilowatt. Adjustable heat output.Heated area 25 square...

Price: £219.99
Orchid Patio Heater  

Power output 13 kilowatt. Adjustable heat output. Heated area 25 square...

Price: £239.99
Pyramid Gas Flame Patio Heater  

Pyramid Stainless Steel Outdoor Gas Flame Heater. Superior heat output 13...

Price: £239.99
Lifestyle Black Flame Heater  

Provides both heat and ambient light. Perfect for creating a warm ambience...

Price: £389.99
Outland Firebowl Portable Propane Gas..  

Outland Firebowl portable propane gas fire pit, garden or camp...

was £139.99 inc. VAT now £79.99 inc. VAT
Santorini Inferno Flame Gas Patio Heater  

Santorini Gas Flame Heater. This Unique cylindrical patio heater creates a...

Price: £529.99

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