Cool Box Ice Packs

Cool box ice pack blocks, the liquid gel filled ice pack blocks are normally used when transporting or storing chilled and frozen goods. The quality reusable gel filled freeze ice packs that we supply are filled with a special catering safe non-toxic gel formula and are excellent for keeping food, drink, medicine etc. cool in your cooler, cool box, cool bag or other insulated container for long periods for commercial, street food outdoor catering, leisure, picnic, sport and veterinary medical use.

Our medium size blue 200 gram ice pack blocks are ideal for use with any of the Ultratherm© ultra insulated Igloo MaxCold, Quick Cool and Contour and the Coleman Xtreme cool boxes and are also very effective when used with any insulated box or container.

Box of 54 Ice Pack Cool Box Freeze Packs  

54 single ice pack cool box freeze blocks. Ideal for use in cool boxes and...

Price: £44.99
Box of 36 Large Size Ice Packs  

Box of reusable 400 gram large size cool box Ice blocks. 36 large size ice...

Price: £47.99
Box of 20 Extra Large Size Ice Packs  

Reusable 750 gram Ice blocks, box contains 20 large size ice packs for...

Price: £49.99
Large Size Ice Packs  

Large size ice pack blocks. Non toxic gel for ultra cold freeze...

Price: £49.99
Ice Block 200 Gram  

Single reusable 220 gram cool box ice block. For use with cool box coolers...

Price: £1.79

An ice pack or gel freeze pack is a plastic block filled with a completely safe non toxic refrigerant gel which mostly contains water, for technical ice pack information and general ice pack information please see The cool box ice blocks supplied by MGD online are all manufactured in the EU by experienced suppliers.

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