Portable Mains Fridges

Mains electric powered portable fridges designed for indoor and outdoor use are the ideal solution when you need additional cold storage for your food and drinks when hosting parties and barbecues or for caravan and camping use when there is mains electric hook up available. Most of our 12 Volt electric and calor gas cool box coolers and camping fridges can also run from mains, here we have included a selection that we think best fit the requirements of a portable mains fridge.

Dometic CoolFreeze CF 26  

Dometic CoolFreeze CF 26 with Mains. Capacity 23 litres. 12 / 24 Volt DC...

was £529.99 inc. VAT now £509.99 inc. VAT
Dometic Combicool RC1200 Camping Fridge  

Dometic Combicool gas camping fridge. Uses very latest cooling...

Price: £239.99
Dometic Combicool RC1700 Camping Fridge  

RC1700EGP version of the Combicool camping fridge, 40 litre storage...

Price: £249.99
Dometic Combicool ACX 40 Portable Fridge  

Uses very latest cooling technology. 12 volt car 240 volt mains or gas...

Price: £319.99
Dometic Combicool ACX 40G Gas Cartridge..  

12 volt car 240 volt mains or gas cartridge operation. Strong lightweight...

was £349.99 inc. VAT now £319.99 inc. VAT
Deep Cool 35 Compressor Fridge or Freezer  

Outwell 12 / 24 Volt and mains compressor cooler 35 +10°C to -18°C....

Price: £459.99
Deep Cool 50 Compressor Fridge or Freezer  

Outwell compressor cooler 50 litre. Temperature range +10°C to...

Price: £539.99

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