Electric Cool Box Coolers

Electric cool box 12 volt, 24 volt and mains car fridge coolers from Dometic Mobicool and Waeco Tropicool. We suggest that you choose Mobicool when you require a hard wearing effective 12 volt powered cooler with standard features with some models on wheels. Choose Tropicool for thermo electric cool boxes with powerful accurate thermostatically controlled cooling for specialist professional use. For camping use on sites where mains hook up is available please consider an electric cool box that can be powered by standard mains electric without the use of an adaptor.

Waeco Mobicool Electric Cool Boxes  

Waeco Mobicool 12 Volt Mains thermo electric cool boxes including the U26, U32, and the G35 electric cool box with wheels

Waeco Tropicool Electric Cool Boxes  

Waeco / Dometic Tropicool TCX 12 / 24 Volt & mains high performance electric cool boxes offer powerful cooling for camping in Southern Europe.

Outwell ECOcool 35 Electric Cool Box  

Cool storage capacity 35 litres. 12 volt DC car and 230 volt AC...

Price: £114.99
Outwell ECOcool 24 Electric Cool Box  

12 volt electric cool box with 230 volt AC mains option, cool storage...

was £99.99 inc. VAT now £89.99 inc. VAT
Waeco Mobicool U32 Electric Cool Box  

29 litre plug in cool box, 12v DC car or 230v AC mains can cool to 5...

Price: £69.99
Mobicool W40 Wheeled Electric Cool Box  

Runs from 12 volts in the car and standard UK mains. 39 litres cold...

was £114.99 inc. VAT now £99.99 inc. VAT
Mobicool G35 Electric Cool Box  

34 litres electric cool box. 12 volt DC car and 230 volt AC mains. Two...

Price: £114.99
Waeco Mobicool W48 Electric Cool Box  

12 volt DC car and 230 volt AC mains. Capacity 48 litres. Two sturdy...

Price: £129.99
Mobicool Q40 Electric Cool Box  

Ultra hard wearing electric cool box. Aluminium housing. Capacity 40...

Price: £159.99
Dometic Tropicool TCX 14 Electric Cool Box  

Capacity 14 litres. 12/24 volt DC car and AC mains electric. Adjustable...

Price: £214.99
Dometic Tropicool TCX 21 Electric Cool Box  

Dometic Tropicool TCX 21 24 - 12 Volt and mains electric cool box with 20...

Price: £249.99
Dometic Tropicool TCX 35 Electric Cool Box  

12/24 volt DC car and mains electric cool box replaces Waeco TCX...

Price: £289.99
Mobicool FR40 Portable Compressor Fridge..  

38 litre capacity portable fridge or freezer. 12 / 24 volt DC and 110 -...

was £399.99 inc. VAT now £329.99 inc. VAT
Mobicool MCF60 Portable Compressor Fridge..  

58 litre capacity portable fridge or freezer. 12 / 24 volt DC and 110 -...

was £499.99 inc. VAT now £429.99 inc. VAT
Outwell ECOlux 35 Electric Cool Box  

EEI Classified ECO cooler. Uses Latest energy saving technology. PU...

Price: £144.99

All of the coolers shown on this website that are described as plug in electric cool boxes use thermoelectric refrigeration technology to maintain the fridge temperature. If you are looking for portable units that use compression or absorption refrigeration please see our compressor coolers or 3 way gas camping fridges. The thermo electric cool box car fridge coolers that can plug in to 12 Volt or 12 and 24 Volt are best suited for in car, van or lorry use. The cool boxes that can also be plugged in to mains electric are also excellent when used as a temporary camping fridge when mains electric is available. To find out how the thermoelectric cooling method works click here:

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