Commercial Cool Boxes

Commercial cool box ice chest coolers suitable for commercial catering chilled and frozen food, drink and sample transport and storage. The boxes listed here including the Igloo MaxCold 100 QT and large capacity Igloo Quick Cool 150 QT have the attributes required for catering cool boxes from robust design and premium insulated body to a large size food and drink storage capacity, great for indoor and outdoor commercial catering and street food market use.

Igloo MaxCold 40 QT Roller - Cool Box..  

Igloo MaxCold 40 QT Roller robust cool box with wheels & pull...

was £89.99 inc. VAT now £72.99 inc. VAT
Igloo MaxCold 50 QT Cool Box  

Capacity 47 litres. Smallest MaxCold cooler. Keeps ice frozen up to 5...

Price: £89.99
Igloo MaxCold 70 QT Cool Box Grey  

2021 model Igloo MaxCold 70 QT large grey cool box...

Price: £114.99
Igloo Quick Cool 120 QT Large Cool Box  

Igloo 120 QT large size cool box ice chest. Extra large cool box. Keeps...

was £149.99 inc. VAT now £119.99 inc. VAT
Igloo Quick Cool 100 QT Cool Box  

95 litre large size cool box. Keeps ice frozen up to 5 days. Patented...

Price: £134.99
Igloo MaxCold 100 QT Cool Box  

New design large size 95 litre cool box ice chest. Keeps ice frozen up to...

Price: £139.99
Igloo Glide Pro 110 QT Large Cool Box..  

Storage capacity 104 litres (110 quarts). Ultratherm® insulation in body...

was £199.99 inc. VAT now £159.99 inc. VAT
Igloo MaxCold 165 QT Extra Large Cool Box  

The Igloo Maxcold 165 QT extra large size cool box is the largest of the...

Price: £189.99

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